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In investing, it is easy to get influenced but seeking refuge in friends, celebrity investors or crowd is hardly rewarding. On the other hand, simple approaches like sticking to earnings-led growth, buying strength and selling weakness, and keeping emotions aside have withstood the test of time.

Our purpose at A2A Insights is to come up with objective ways of generating alpha while following a systematic way. 

Shooting Stars

We run a proven rule-based investment strategy that aims to capture large movements in stocks as they happen. Only fundamentally strong stocks are selected which reduce our risk in case of downtrend.

Benefits of Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars aims to identify opportunities with low downside and significant potential for gains. Essentially, these are under-owned companies with incomplete value discovery.

Rules, not emotions

Completely rule-based strategy so no human emotions and biases interrupting your wealth creation journey.

Early Access to Rallies

We get into stocks with strong fundamentals and favorable price movement early on.

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