Shooting Stars

Our stock recommendation service helps in creating value-oriented portfolios through fundamental research for retail and high networth investors. We focus on companies which are fundamentally strong and offer compelling value proposition. The stocks are segregated on the basis of market cap, making use of various factors such as P/E ratio, ROCE, Debt profile, and Industry structure and Cyclicality.

We offer only one service “Shooting Stars” to our subscribers

Shooting Stars – How We Do It?

The objective with Shooting Stars would be to identify opportunities with low downside and significant potential for gains. This set includes mid-cap and small-cap companies (large-caps too to a limited extent) which are still not on institutional radars. The end result is a list of under-owned companies which have strong financial numbers to showcase but are under-researched and with incomplete value discovery. Since there is a dearth of information in these companies, we rely a lot on the data and figures provided by the company. Our view adjusts according to the available data and this is where our offering gets different from others.

Since time is precious and opportunity cost is real, we switch to better performing stocks when the market presents the opportunity. Instead of relying completely on fundamental analysis and wait endlessly for the market to discover value in our selected stocks, we turnaround the situation and select the stocks where this value discovery is currently going on.

Service Delivery

Our comprehensively researched stocks will be shared in an easy to understand format in a tracking sheet. We will also provide regular updates on the stocks, including exit/sell recommendation.

IMPORTANT – Since SEBI mandates Research Analysts should not be offering model portfolios, please note that you (subscriber) are responsible for choosing how much to invest in every stock. You can put equal amount of funds in every stock or you can put more funds in the best-performing stocks. The math is completely up to you.

Pricing Plan

We are currently not adding new subscribers under Shooting Stars now. This space will be updated once we have new plans to offer.